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About Fonzy

Fonzy Marcelis is an Americal film and music video writer, director, and producer. Born in Saint Louis MO, Marcelis began his career as a photographer and creative director. He always had an interest in movies and video work and quickly became involved with just that. Marcelis decided to leave the photography world alone and just focus on his passion which is video work.

Fonzy later launched his own media company Luxstar Studios, which Fonzy has now had multiple televised and published works. He has directed lots of creative music videos for popular artists and has been noted for creating visuals that standout for artists singles.

Aside from just music videos, Fonzy has directed multiple television commercials various film works, and shows. His overall mission is to tell relatable stories through his work that will positively impact lives.


Fonzy specializes in telling stories that are custom and tailored to fit your needs. From concept, to writing, to production, Team Fonzy provides all production services to agencies, brands, clients, and more


Fonzy is available as a Director for your next project with a ton of experience across multiple genres from documentaries, indy films, music videos, fashion films, and corporate commercials. He’s easy to get along with while still being able to fully take charge on set.


Fonzy does a great job at souring whichever agencies, resources, or individuals may be necessary to produce the needed desired project. Fonzy is well connected with industry professionals from graphic artists, to audio engineers set designers, and influencers so rest assured your project will be brought to life properly.


With video work being so readily available, your story has now become more important than ever. Book Fonzy to help you touch people on your next film, or to create ads people will be compelled to share


Fonzy is big on quality first. Having creative shots is important as a visual storyteller. If you want your visual to be captured correctly in a way that will keep people's attention, and convey your desired message Fonzy is your guy.



Relationships are built on trust, communication, commitment and ultimately producing results you’ll love, let’s hear what some of Fonzy’s clients have to say about him. 

Working with Fonzy has always been a pleasure anytime there is a project to be done he is the first person I go to. Fonzy always handles any projects very professionally and is very reliable when it comes to time and communication. He takes his client’s seriously and brings so much talent, passion, and energy with everything he does
Three years ago I started working with Fonzy Marcelis and his company Luxstar Studios. Luxstar currently provides production for my talk show Vibematice Tv which includes videography & photography Fonzy and his team handle business not only in a professional way but in a way that makes you feel like your apart of the family and that your project matters and it inspires me everyday.
Fonzy is my favorite photographer to work with by far! He is incredibly professional and goes to great lengths to get the best shot possible. He was the first person I ever did a photo shoot with and has helped me grow so much confidence in myself and my abilities since I began working with him. There’s no one better!
Fashion Model


Email us with any questions or inquiries or call 314-238-4501. Someone from Team Fonzy will be happy to answer your questions. We’d love to help.